Employee Interview Questions: Kevin McCurley

Carmenita Truck Center’s success can be attributed to our great service team.  One of our “service stars” is Kevin McCurley. Work Related How long have you been in the truck service industry? I have been in the truck service industry for just over 1 ½ years. Have you always been in service? Other professions? Although …Read More

Service Superiority

Tom’s and Carmenita Truck Center offers a wide variety of truck services, including oil change, for trucks class 2-7. We pride ourselves on using OEM parts and high quality tools. We are waiting for your truck’s next appointment.

Having the right tool for the job

Landscapers have many different projects to tackle, from grounds maintenance to environmental restorations, so they need a truck that can handle the stresses of different projects. Carmenita Truck Center has three different models that can haul your entire crew and the tools needed to get the job done: Ford F-550, Fuso FE180, and the Hino …Read More