Diesel Filter Cleaning

Ensure Your Truck’s Optimal Performance and Efficiency — Keep Your Diesel Filter Clean

A dirty diesel filter can not only cause problems it can be outright detrimental to the performance and efficiency of your truck’s engine. Make sure to have your truck’s diesel filter cleaned regularly at Carmenita Truck Center.

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Diesel Filter Cleaning

Did You Know?

  • If you have a 2007 or newer diesel vehicle, your vehicle has an exhaust filter.
  • This filter requires periodic cleaning.
  • A plugged/damaged filter can cause poor fuel economy, engine performance.

Our Cleaning Process

  • Test it – Visually inspect the filter for cracks and damage. Flow test the filter. Compare results to baseline data
  • Blast It (Stage 1) – Removes soot and ash through Pneumatic process utilizing “Air Knife” technology
  • Bake It (Stage 2) – Thermal process for heavily soiled DPF’s not recovered effectively with Stage 1
  • Track It – Repeat flow test. Compare results to baseline data. Review, record, and discuss re-test history/results

Cleaning Results

We will do what we can to achieve a clean filter, but we cannot guarantee recovery of a filter.

  • Up to 90% Ash Removal (20% more than the closest competitors)
  • Longer Intervals In-Between Cleanings
  • Identify Potential Filter Deficiencies
  • Increase DPF Service Life

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