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fleet driverAre you spending too much on mileage fees or re-conditioning charges? Perhaps, you are looking to focus on increasing your cash flow or restructuring your lease for tax purposes.

We can put together a customized solution for every industry and every need. Contact Us to find out how we can help make your fleet leasing situation better.

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Types of Trucks

We specialize in medium duty trucks, ranging from 15,999 GVRW to 33,000 GVRW in the Ford, Fuso, and Hino lines. We can help you with light duty truck needs as well.

We can help you with any type of body:

How We Can Save You Money

TypeMiles Ann.Mileage Chg. w/
Competition’s Lease
Dry Van30,000
100 Units30,000
200 Units30,000
500 Units30,000

TRAC Lease at a Glance

  • There are absolutely no mileage charges or mileage limits.
  • There are no reconditioning fees.
  • TRAC lease a new or used vehicle.
  • Your payment is fixed, no variable costs, or surprises.
  • Residual can be adjusted to fit your needs.
  • Roll over your first lease to a new lease and residual does not apply.
  • There is a possibility of building equity during your lease term.
  • You have the option of extending and financing the residual amount if you decide not to roll over to a new lease.
  • This is an open end lease and can be structured as a “true tax lease” where up to 10% of the payment may be deductible as an operating expense for federal income tax purposes.
  • An open end lease can also be structured as a “finance lease” with a $1.00 buy-out at lease end.
  • This type of lease is treated as a loan for tax purposes. The lessee takes the depreciation instead of writing off the payments as an operating expense.